Maria Harrison | Ancsafety
Maria Harrison
Group Executive People & Culture

What you do at ANC?

I’m fortunate to work with delivery professionals across every aspect of our business, and in every state. It’s my role to support the changes our people experience as the business grows, enable everyone to be engaged and aligned in our strategy and growth, and ensure we maintain the very special culture that makes ANC a great place to work.

Transport career experience?

I started as a clerk in a big four bank, then worked and studied my way into a career in human resources. I’ve gained a broad experience in consulting, organisational development, learning and development, workers compensation and more.

Favourite part of your job?

I absolutely love the many opportunities I get to work with colleagues in every state on projects that improve the workplace – in other words, collaborating with my ANC teammates!

How would you describe ANC if it was a person?

Street smart as a result of years of experience. Warm, wise and just a little bit crazy, but in a good way!

What do you like to do when you are not working?

Hang out with family, catch up with friends and bask in life’s many pleasures – eating, drinking, reading, walking, dancing, geocaching (GPS treasure hunts!), travelling…I could keep going. How long have you got?

How do you help ANC deliver extraordinary experiences?

Inspire, encourage and help our delivery drivers provide the most extraordinary delivery experiences by ensuring they have the right tools, information and support. This includes giving others in the ANC team the tools, information and support they need to support the drivers!

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