Ken Morgan | Ancsafety
Ken Morgan
Delivery Driver (QLD)

What do you do at ANC?

I’m an Owner Driver, delivering for clients including Bunnings and Pet Circle.

Transport career experience?

I have been a commercial pilot since 2004, and most recently a First Officer flying 737’s both internationally and domestically. However, I was a delivery driver and factory hand while becoming a pilot, so know the transport industry quite broadly. Being an Owner Driver is now my primary profession, and it enables me to fly every 45 days so I can retain my flying qualifications for when the industry reopens in 12-24 months.

Favourite part of your job?

I feel like Santa Clause, being able to deliver something the customer has been wanting, needing, waiting for. The customers are always so keen to receive what they ordered. I particularly like delivering to the older customers where you can always help them a little bit more. Recently some people have not had much interaction with other so it’s nice to provide that while making a delivery.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I love to spend as much time with my two young boys as possible because I use to go away so much as a pilot. I especially enjoy getting involved with their rugby league and taking them fishing.

What do you think delivering extraordinary experiences means?

I find it’s important to introduce yourself, be happy and helpful. The difference between “here’s your parcel”, or “can I carry it to the back yard for you” is phenomenal, especially to the elderly. Time is money but a repeat customer is higher value.

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