Jack Freeland | Ancsafety
Jack Freeland
Delivery Driver (NSW)

What do you do at ANC?

I am a delivery driver with a van working predominantly for our client IKEA plus I fulfil ad-hoc deliveries for Bunnings and Pet Circle. I have proudly been at ANC since mid 2019 and I am one of the youngest drivers in the fleet.

Transport career experience?

Prior to joining ANC, I worked at Bunnings as a dockhand operating a forklift and unloading trucks. 

Favourite part of your job?

All the interactions throughout the day with the people I work with, those at the DC and also the customers. I thoroughly enjoy the different conversations and banter that each day brings. 

What do you like to do when you are not working?

I live an extremely busy life. When I am not working I am always out helping others. I have plenty of hobbies, having recently purchased a motorbike I enjoy every opportunity to take it out for a ride. 

What do you think delivering extraordinary experiences means?

By always thinking from the perspective of the customer, following procedures and going above and beyond to ensure each delivery experience is completed to the best of my ability. A happy customer at the end of the day is what I strive for. 


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