Hugo Stabio | Ancsafety
Hugo Stabio
Delivery Driver (SA)

What do you do at ANC?

I am an Owner Driver with ANC working on Samuel Smith & Sons, a wine wholesaler and importer. I started off in a Budget hire vehicle, but after a couple of weeks, when I understood the job and realised I liked the team so much, I bought a brand new 2020 Toyota Hiace van.

Transport career experience?

I’m new to the industry. Previously I was a Wine Broker, negotiating and brokering for Australian and Argentinian wineries. My ability to be a Wine Broker closed down when the international borders closed down with COVID-19. In a unique way, I am still brokering wine, but as an Owner Driver with ANC working on Samuel Smith & Sons who are a wine wholesaler and importer.

Favourite part of your job?

The freedom is very important. I love being out on the road, and won’t be going back to a desk job. As an Owner Driver you are an entrepreneur with your own business which is fun. I had my own business in the past and the biggest challenge was finding clients, but now I have the ANC team giving me jobs. I just have to be organised, on time, ready to go. It is easy.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I like sport a lot. I use to play but now I’m older I just follow rugby union and AFL. I am also very social so spend lots of my time with friends.

What do you think delivering extraordinary experiences means?

You have to deliver, it is a little mission. You must arrive on time and make sure the client and their customers are happy. I use to worry about things in my life, but in this job, an empty van, when the customers have their goods, with everyone safe, then everyone is happy. Life is simple.

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