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ANC’s responsibility statement informs each person of their obligations when working for ANC. These responsibilities are enforceable and all workers must have the ability to view and access the requirements and all of the other supporting documentation such as procedures, policies, fitness for work criteria, incident reporting, resources, emergency contacts. These are available at

EVERYONE has a personal responsibility to:

  • Take reasonable care for your own safety and the safety of others
  • Comply with reasonable instructions
  • Familiarise yourself with all our relevant policies and procedures, resources and reporting obligations
  • Participate in the development of a safe, healthy and compliant workplace
  • Never allow non-compliant or unauthorised workers to work for ANC directly or indirectly
  • Adopt and use safe work procedures, including the use of (as required):

– Fatigue work and rest guidelines
– Personal protective equipment and clothing
– Manual handling
– Load restraint
– Load mass and distribution

  • Understand and comply with your personal responsibility in the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation
  • Report any hazards, injuries and incidents via Rapid Incident or to your supervisor
  • Participate and complete all training at induction and thereafter as requested or directed by ANC
  • Supply and complete documentation at induction and thereafter as requested or directed by ANC
  • Cooperate with safety inspections, audits and investigations
  • Respond appropriately to Emergencies

DRIVERS (and offsiders) have the additional responsibility to:

  • Access each day if you, your vehicle and equipment are fit to work
  • Take appropriate rest breaks in line with “Standard hours
  • Use ANC’s driver app FMS mobile:

– Ensure your Smart phone is updated to the most recent version of the IOS/Android operating system
– Check for updates on FMS mobile weekly on the app store
– Have a secure cradle for your smart phone in your vehicle
– Ensure you have functioning in vehicle power to charge your smart phone
– Login at start of day and logout at the end of day
– Log all start/finish work events and all start/finish rest events in line with “Standard hours
– Update all consignments with pick up, event codes, delivery and POD information


HEAVY VEHICLE (HV) OPERATORS have the additional responsibility to:


We look forward to your ongoing support and input because safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we all want to work safe to go home safe.

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