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ANC invests significantly in producing useful and practical resources to help everyone stay informed and safe. Below are some of the many video’s that we produce to help demonstrate essential tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, for safely delivering our clients goods.

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The videos’s are presented in three sections:


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Site Regulations and Safety Signage

Commercial construction sites have distinctive signage highlighting specific regulations. Know the signage and comply 100% to ensure you work safe to go home safe.

Slings and Rigging Equipment

Learn about the features of a safe compliant sling, and the crucial signs to look for to know an unsafe non-compliant sling which must be removed from service. Small wears and tears can be a serious safety risk leading to load failure. Damaged slings must be withdrawn from service to ensure you work safe to go home safe.

Deploying Stabiliser Legs

The fundamentals of safely deploying crane truck stabiliser legs on diverse surfaces in different conditions. Be sure to prepare your crane truck stabiliser legs according to the specifics of each delivery situation and ensure you work safe to go home safe.

Onsite Operations

Essential onsite behaviours to ensure safe crane truck operations: setting up the crane, deploying stabiliser legs, pre-slinging and load planning, creating a safety exclusion zone, safe loading and unloading, unloading palletised goods, safe stowage and packing up the crane. Be sure to always apply these safe crane truck operating instructions to work safe to go home safe.

Pre-Operational Checks

Look professional, act professional and work safe with this series of essential pre-operational checks for a road transport crane truck, noting the two distinctive reviews of 1. vehicle and 2. the crane. Fundamental behaviours such as getting on and off the vehicle, three points of contact always, pre-slinging for loading and unloading, gross weight allowances and weight distributions, and the critical factors of load restraint will support everyone to work safe to go home safe.


Hub Mobile Device Demonstration

A short demonstration of the ANC HUB Mobile Device in action. The essential Pre-start Check ensures our drivers are safely ready for duty and the additional sequences: Active Work, Delivered Work, Completed Work through to End of Day Completion, all ensure everyone can work safe, and go home safe.


Smile Power

As delivery professionals and with our commitment to an extraordinary delivery experience, we know the importance of and power in a smile.

Top Tips to have a Great Day

With decades of experience providing an extraordinary delivery experience from our dedicated fleets of home delivery and corporate delivery professional, ANC know a thing or two about being the delivery professionals. Hear some top tips from our top drivers on how to set yourself up for a great day.

Overcoming Challenges

Being a delivery professional can have its challenges, especially when we are responsible for ensuring our clients goods arrive safely, in full, on time and with a smile, to their customers, every time. At ANC every one needs to think strategically, problem solve and provide innovative solutions to ensure our customers have an extraordinary delivery experience. Hear how some of our drivers over come challenges, and the satisfaction and pride they feel.

Helping Customers

Being a delivery professional means being able to not only read a situation, but anticipate it. Being a delivery professional requires empathy, strength, courage, respect, care and honesty. Hear how our incredible team at ANC solve problems and help customers, earn when the times are tough.

Making Customers Happy

At ANC we share a commitment and passion for ensuring an extraordinary delivery experience, every time. Hear some of our delivery professional and their individual way of making the customer happy.

Helping Unhappy Customers - Making Them Smile!

Being a professional driver is important and not always easy, especially when you arrive at the delivery site and your customer is unhappy. In this video ANC share some great tips from our peers who have learnt from their experience in a dynamic industry where multiple factors can compound to make a delivery challenging.

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