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Fit For Work

Fit For Work

Are you and your equipment fit for work? 

Every day, your responsibility is to assess if you are physically fit to work.

For example:

  • Have you had enough sleep? Download our Fatigue Management Policy
  • Did you injure yourself on the weekend playing sport that will affect your ability to work safely?
  • Can you work safely?


You also must assess your equipment (vehicle, load restraint equipment, smart phone/PDA device).

For example:

  • Is your vehicle and equipment fit for work?
  • Is your vehicle and equipment in good working order?
  • Are your vehicle and equipment checks all up to date?


There are also statutory obligations:

  • Is your vehicle registration current?
  • Is your drivers licence current?


When you log on each day, ANC will ask if you and your equipment are fit for work. We take these declarations seriously and so must you.

You should not work if you are not able to do so, or your equipment is not safe to operate.

The daily ‘fit for work’ checks include:-

  • Current driver’s license and registration ✔
  • No visible leaks. ✔ Oil, water ✔
  • Tyres – tread roadworthy and pressure at recommended level ✔
  • Lights, indicators, seatbelts working ✔
  • Clean windscreen and mirrors ✔
  • Locks and alarms working ✔
  • Brakes and Steering working ✔
  • Fuel Level adequate ✔
  • Odometer reading ✔


If you operate a crane truck, you may be asked these questions:

  • Odometer Reading ✔
  • No visible leaks ✔ Oil, Water, brake fluid ✔
  • Tyres – tread roadworthy and pressure at recommended level ✔
  • Lights, indicators ✔
  • Windscreen, mirrors, seatbelts ✔
  • Brakes and steering ✔
  • Straps, trolleys – manual handling equipment in serviceable condition ✔
  • Locks and alarms ✔
  • I am wearing ANC Hi Vis uniform ✔
  • Hub Mobile – updated to latest version ✔
  • Smart phone fully charged and operational SWL, Load Charts, Signage and Decals Visible ✔
  • Emergency Stop and Lockout / Isolation Working ✔
  • Mounting bolts, pins, keepers, retainers and latches and locks tightly secured ✔
  • No hydraulic hoses or leaks ✔
  • No load hook for stretch, wear and safety latch in place ✔
  • Guard over levers, no damage to lever, values and controls ✔
  • Equipment Condition and cleanliness ✔
  • I have had 7 continuous hours stationary rest time in the past 24 hours and I am not under the influence of drugs or alcohol ✔
  • I do not have a current injury that might affect my driving and work Drivers licence and rego current ✔

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