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COVID-19 Vaccinations Old Page

COVID-19 Vaccinations Old Page

ANC support the health advice from medical experts regarding the urgency for all eligible people to get vaccinated. Why?

  • Unvaccinated people are at risk of COVID-19
  • Vaccination is the best protection against Delta
  • Safe, effective COVID-19 vaccines offer protection against the virus, helping to prevent death and serious illness

We recognise that the decision to get vaccinated is personal, and recommend:

  • please use credible information about the COVID-19 vaccine at or the World Health Organisation
  • please consult with your GP doctor or health practitioner, as recommended by the Government
  • please consult with your ANC Manager if ANC can support you in any way towards getting vaccinated.

We all need to VACCINATE to be COVIDsafe to WORKsafe and go HOMEsafe!

COVID-19 vaccines in Australia

Find out the latest news and information about COVID-19 vaccines from Department of Health. Use the COVID-19 vaccine eligibility checker to find out when and where you can receive a COVID-19 vaccine, including your second dose. Check your eligibility here

ANC COVID-19 Voluntary Vaccination Records

ANC seeks your VOLUNTARY CONSENT for vaccine status, read more here
Instructions of Voluntary COVID Vaccine Records

It’s Time – Get Vaccinated

Invitation for COVID-19 Vaccinations

Team ANC, let’s do this for each other.

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