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COVID-19 alerts


15 Jul 21

Delta COVID Variant impacts NSW, VIC, QLD, SA

The highly transmissible Delta variant poses a threat across Australia

13 Jul 21

COVID-19 Tests for Workers from Fairfield LGA

Public Health Order effective 12.01am Wednesday 14 July 2021.

9 Jul 21

NSW Lockdown - Restrictions Tighten

"NSW is facing the biggest challenge we have faced since the pandemic started. And I don't say that lightly.” NSW Premier

7 Jul 21

COVID-19 Alert - Greater Sydney Lockdown Extended

The highly transmissible Delta variant continues to pose a threat across Australia.

2 July 21

National COVID-19 Alert

The latest outbreak of COVID-19 and the highly transmissible Delta variant continues to pose a threat across Australia.

27 Apr 21

COVID-19 Case Alert Perth and Peel WA

Perth and Peel are out of lockdown and in a transition period until 12.01am, Saturday 1 May. Some restrictions still apply.

26 Mar 21

QLD COVID-19 Case Alert

Queensland Health has issued a Public Health Alert in the Brisbane and Moreton Bay regions following one new locally acquired case of COVID-19.

12 Feb 2021

VIC Lockdown Table of Restrictions

Please read VIC Lockdown table of Restrictions if you are affected.

4 Feb 21

COVID-19 Case Alert - VIC & WA

This National COVID-19 Case Alert is to help keep our One Team aware of the COVID risks around Australia. Please review and consider if you or a member of your household is impacted.

24 December 2020


This National COVID-19 Case Alert is to help keep our One Team aware of the COVID risks around Australia. Please review and consider if you or a member of your household is impacted.

19 Nov 2020

SA Lockdown - Delivery Procedures

South Australia is implementing a COVID-19 ‘circuit breaker’ from 12:01am Thurs 19 Nov 2020 for 6 days aiming to stop the spread of Coronavirus. ANC delivery procedures have changed, highlighted in red on page 2, specifically:
• wear a mask, this is now mandatory
• do not distribute ‘thank you’ cards.
Please: stay alert to further updates as the situation evolves; stay COVIDSafe by following our delivery procedures

1 Oct 2020

Safety Alert #12

ANC continues to deliver exceptional results during COVID-19 thanks to everyone's care and commitment. As some States are having school holidays and long weekends, and some of our team enjoy time off before the peak season, we ask everyone to continue your vigilance to COVIDSafe behaviours and procedures.

28 August 2020

CEO Update - ANC's COVID Care Plan

Back in April during the initial peak of COVID-19, we planted the seed of an idea, to create an ANC Covid Care Fund and Plan. I am proud to announce our formalisation of a discretionary fund, dedicated to caring for our people throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

14 August 2020

Safety Alert #11

• Two Test Positive to COVID-19
• Mask Up - ANC is providing masks
• Celebrating Team VIC
• Quick Links - COVIDSafe Deliveries VIC and NSW
• COVID Fit for Work Questions

13 July 2020

Safety Alert #10

• High Risk COVID-19 Community Transmission
• NSW Health Alert - Community Clusters
• Returning from Victoria - You Must Self-isolate
• Please Wear a Mask

29 July 2020

Victoria Delivery Restrictions

ANC is adopting strict delivery procedures throughout the State of Victoria to minimise community transmission and support the containment and recovery. Due to significant community transmission of coronavirus, the Victorian government is imposing tougher restrictions with lockdowns in ten ‘hot zones’. These ‘hot zones’ require ‘Stay at Home’ restrictions until at least 29 July.

22 June 2020

Safety Alert #9

As the recent COVID-19 clusters in Victoria are demonstrating, we cannot be complacent before, during or after work. Our behaviour at work and outside work can have a dramatic impact on the transmission of Coronavirus. It is up to everyone at ANC to protect the business and all our livelihoods by being COVIDSafe 24/7 and avoiding any COVID-19 clusters.

15 May 2020

Safety Alert #8

• One Team Together - and thank you
• Three Steps Forward to a COVIDSafe ANC
• Step 1 - to a COVIDSafe ANC, commencing Monday 18 May
• Complex Deliveries Guide during COVID-19 commencing Monday 18 May
• ANC Return to Worksite Criteria
• Good Hygiene
• Physical Distancing at Loading
• Critical Actions if Unwell or Tested for COVID-19

24 April 2020

Safety Alert #7

• CEO Update
• Possible Fleet Adjustments
• JobKeeper - Information for Contractors
• Honouring our ANZAC's
• Flu Vaccinations - Step Up
• Our Customers say 'Thank You'
• Physical Distance at Loading
• Critical Actions if Unwell or Tested
• Good Hygiene #flattenthecurve

9 April 2020

Safety Alert #6

• Working this Easter? SAFETY FIRST
• Not working this Easter? #STAYHOME
• New Drivers + New Tutorial Videos
• Safe Deliveries during Phase 2 Shutdowns
• Physical Distancing at Loading
• Critical Actions if you're unwell or tested for COVID-19
• ANC Coronavirus Policy - NEW
• Safety during COVID-19 is Important and Personal - watch our video
• Flu Vaccinations
• Good Hygiene #flattenthecurve
• NPS Success

27 March 2020

Safety Alert #5

• Safe Deliveries during PHASE 2 - Shutdowns, effective 30 March 2020
• New Pod Procedure - two steps
• Cleaning Guide
• 1.5m During Deliveries
• Border Closures
• Compliance during COVID-19
• Message from our PM
• Social Distancing at loading

23 March 2020

Safety Alert #4

• Shut-Down Preparations
• Delivery Procedures with Safe Social Distancing
• Social Distancing at Loading
• Protective Measures and Why?
• Have You Travelled Overseas?
• Self Isolation
• Hygiene Fundamentals
• Update from Clark
• Flu Vaccinations
• Staying Positive with Head to Health
• Personal Financial Advice
• Working From Home

17 March 2020

Safety Alert #3

• Protective Measures and Why
• Social Distancing
• ANC Complex Deliveries
• Have you Travelled Overseas?
• What is Social Isolation?
• Illness including Head Colds
• Hygiene Fundamentals
• ANC Site Entry Notice
• Clark Team Update
• Business Travel Ban

10 March 2020

Safety Alert #2

• Proof of Delivery (POD) Change of Process
• Thank You Cards on Hold
• Antibacterial Hand Solution + Wipes
• Illness including Head Colds
• Isolation Guide

3 March 2020

Safety Alert #1

• Symptoms
• Current Status in Australia
• Guidelines for Self Isolation
• Being Absent from Work
• Precautions to Prevent the Spread
• Travellers and Visitors

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