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Consultation Statement F003

Consultation Statement F003

ANC fosters open and effective communications and recognises its vital role in effective management of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS).  We ask you to please read our Consultation Policy and ensure you are familiar with the important content and commitments. Please review our Consultation Policy.

On 20 July 2017, ANC communicated to all workers our preference to use other agreed arrangements for consultation featured in ANC’s Consultation Statement 2017. Please review the Letter sent to all staff.

Following this communication, other agreed arrangements include an adopted method of consultation.

Safety representatives have been nominated and appointed, they are:-


The Safety Representatives are there for you to discuss any topic or thought and idea or concern you might have about safety in the workplace.

Each quarter the Safety Representatives will hold meetings to discuss the reported incidents and statistics, corrective actions, additional training requirements, compliance with Chain of Responsibility (CoR) and these meetings are minuted.

Safety Representatives will also undertake periodic workplace inspections and will inform you as and when these are taking place.

If you have any enquiries in regards to ANC’s Safety Representatives please direct your enquiries to

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